“If you ever wanted to know who my favorite witch was?... See her for a reading. Matter of fact….” - Brave Bird 



I was at hot yin yoga earlier and I received a vision of our ancestors communing with each other in preparation. It was a really special and powerful feeling.….The warrior candle burned stunninglyyy last night and I already felt lighter when I woke up this morning.” - Alexis 



“Idk why, but I feel u are one of the few practitioners I am interested in working with” - Anonymous 



“You are a truly gifted healer, the reading I had with you 2 years ago was so insightful + spot on about what I was going through at the time & foreshadowed the massive changes I was about to embark on! I will definitely be booking a reading when you're ready to offer your services again! Thank you for sharing your gift! You've definitely set the standard! I have yet to meet anyone else who's readings hit the way yours did!” - Moe 

“I couldn't stay long but what a wonderful loving group of people. The room was filled with fragrant flowers, candles and children running and laughing. It seemed as if everyone's spirit was open and reclining in the space of community healing. I think everyone present felt the wave of  the Full Moon's potential. A few of us spoke on what we wanted to manifest before I had to leave. Sending love to all those who attended and to all those who couldn’t make it physically but were with us in spirit.”  - Apple 


“These were really packaged so beautifully you can see the love, time and energy you put into the candles.” - Linnette 


“The candle is gone but the wick is still burning!!!! LITerally the best candles I’ve ever bought! Thank you again for sharing your magic.” - Moe 



“Let me tell you…. The magic I’ve worked with the white candle u gave me. I’ve had them for so long and traveled with them mfs through so many states and they have never broken, let’s start there imao but back to the main point.. I did what had to be done. Thought I lost it, a bitch still got it lol ty.” - Mymyaat 



“I’m so thankful for your candles and just the healing work you do.” - Elijah 



“The healing candle by the ocean, crazy winds but she never went out.” - Prime 



“I’m coming to Portland for Thanksgiving break and would love it if you could make me some candles to put on my altar!!! I love the ones you make.” - Anonymous 



“I'm new to witchcraft in my adult life but grew up with Santeria queens in my childhood. (It's been a while)The energy from the candle is released immediately upon opening the packaging. The candle is small and assuming but fills the room with its scent and power with its amazing fragrance. The contents are legitimately witchy making it clear the guidance for threat reduction was present and necessary.” - Anonymous 



“They’re so powerful and they smell like true passion went into making them.”  - Anonymous 



“If you need some protection or bruja magic in your life, get a candle from her!” - Miss Lopez  



“Btw I used your self love candle for my new moon bath today and received my stimulus check!  thank youuuuu for your magic! - Anonymous