About me

Ms. J (she/they) is a Black Afro-Indigenous woman  from Portland, Oregon and her tribe is located in Warm Springs, Oregon.

Ms. J has a background non-profit work, research in youth development, community work, creative photography, storytelling, writer of Black Girl Confessions, spiritual work and sex work. She has many talents and is self taught but most importantly, she’s a real hustler and loves giving back to her people. Ms. J is a healer and creator. Tarot, candles, spiritual guidance, whatever you need she can do.

Ms. J works closely with her Ancestors, nature, herbs, roots and spirit guides to gain the knowledge she’s seeking.

Ms. J is a gifted soul and is ready to share her wisdom, craft and magic with the world.

Her mission is to help her community learn,  reclaim, and decolonize their day to day life through Indigenous spiritual practices, hoodoo & other African religions.

“Recovery from Discovery“ - Judy BlueHorse Skelton


Holy Hoodoo Vixen Achievements: 

  • Free Protection & Healing candles for Black People Project 2020 
  • Juneteenth Celebration 2021
  • Fuck the 4 of July Celebration 2022
  • Full Moon Dinner Events 2020-2022 
  • Full Moon Celebration 2022-Present  
  • Hoodoo Dinner 2024-Present